Happy Holidays and New Year!


Well it’s now the day after Christmas. I hope everyone got what they wanted and your spending some time with family and your pets! I have been very busy with my own leather jacket site and Amazon sales over the busy buying season.

Which is why I have not been posting much on here, sorry. I’m spreading myself out a bit too thin with all the websites, stores and other things I am doing. But it’s the only way to keep being self employed!

I will try to keep posting informative articles on here, but only once a week or so. Just got too much else to tend to. Anyways I hope your all having a great holiday season and I wish you all much luck for the new year! 🙂

Woof Gang Bakery opens new store in Lake Nona, Florida

New Woof Gang Bakery in Lake Nona

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming, a leader in retail pet supplies and service, has grown to 30 franchise locations, with the newest store in Lake Nona, Florida.

Opening Jan. 12, Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Lake Nona offers full -service grooming, and a wide selection of pet foods and supplies. The store is located at 10743 Narcoossee Road, Suite A21, Orlando, Fla. 32832; phone 407-403-5491.

Ryan Wesner, a St. Cloud resident for two years, is the franchise owner of the Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Lake Nona store. He is dedicated to the local community and to providing outstanding service and quality products for customers and their four-legged friends.

Ryan is excited to become a local resource for everything pet-related, including proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle and community involvement. Being the proud pet parent to three Dachshunds, two of which are rescues, he is more attuned to the nutritional needs of every pet.

“All pets have different and unique needs,” said Ryan. “It is my goal that they have the best available nutrition and care so that they can lead long, happy and healthy lives.”

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Lake Nona is a locally-owned small business, offering a warm, welcoming atmosphere and providing a one-stop-shop for all pet care needs, including healthy, natural pet foods and treats, and grooming services.

Special order requests are welcome and delivery service to local homes and businesses is available. A customer loyalty program, pet-friendly events, yappy hours and adoptions are offered. The store is happy to host pet parties and meet-up groups.

So if you live around the Lake Nona area and have a pet, make sure you check out the newest Woof Gang Bakery in Lake Nona soon! 🙂

Guest writers wanted for pet articles, events, services!

Be a guest pet writer on Orlando Pet Services!

Spring is just about here, it’s getting hotter and summertime fun is starting to happen! I juggle a lot of different websites, in fact it’s now up to around 3 dozen of them I own and operate!

Because of that I wanted to offer anyone in the Orlando area a chance to become a guest writer here on Orlando Pet Services. In fact I’ll be happy to accept several. So just what would, or could you write about?

Just about anything that has to do with pets. If your a Vet you could start a pet healthcare section or series of articles on it. If you run a pet services store or site you could write about what you do.
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New services now at Lovey Loaves pet care

New services now at Lovey Loaves pet care

A while back I made an article about Lovey Loaves, a pet sitting service here in Orlando. They now have greatly expanded their types of services and pet care so I wanted to share that with you all here.

Lovey Loaves still offers great pet sitting and dog walking services in the Orlando area. But now they are also branching out to help rescue and care for lost and unwanted pets in several different ways.

They now have established LoveyLoaves Inc., an organization that reunites lost pets with their owners and acts as a resource within the community on animal welfare and education.
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New look for Orlando Pet Services happening May 1st!

Orlando Pet Services new look

Well everyone, the day is here, or almost here depending on what day your reading this. I have been working hard making a totally brand new look for this site.

It will be a full service site, not just a blog format type, as it is now. There will be many new sections, like dog walking, pet groomers and so on that you can find in the Orlando Florida area.

It will have two top menus for all the different pet categories and pages for ease of use. Quite frankly, I intend to make this one of the biggest all around pet websites for Orlando around. 🙂
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The guy behind Orlando Pet Services

Bill, the guy behind Orlando Pet Services

I’ve been getting out to the local pet events these days and meeting more and more of the people around here. I’m starting to get to know some of the great folks who run all the pet services and shops in the Orlando area.

Also more people seem to be starting to know about my site here, Orlando Pet Services. So, I thought maybe I should give you all a little more information about just who the heck I am, the guy behind the site!

My name is Bill Manning, and I’m originally from Vermont. I moved down here to Orlando about 20 or so years ago all by myself. I hate the cold and love the nice weather down here.
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New look, sections coming to Orlando Pet Services soon!

New look for Orlando Pet Services soon!

I’m happy to say that my little pet site here has grown quite fast. I’m getting request to write about local pet places and even been asked about ad space on here.

As you can see the layout of my site is a blog format, since I use WordPress. Well I want you to know that soon I will be changing this site to a very different look!

It will have a more normal home page website look, with new section pages. In those pages will be listed the local pet services, like pet sitting, doggy day care, dog training, pet shops and so on.
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Pet sitting and dog walking by Janet

Pet sitting and dog walking by Janet

It’s tough having to leave your furry friends at home alone when you have to be away. Of course, you could leave them at a kennel or other pet-boarding facility, but most animals see these as doggie jails or kitty cages, so they’re not happy. Pets, like humans, are much more comfortable in the familiar surroundings of home, but who’s going to take care of them when you can’t?

If you live in the Orlando area, you’re in luck. You can use the great services provided by Pet Sitting and Dog Walking by Janet. The business is run by Janet Mitchell, a lifelong animal lover who has fifteen years of experience with pet sitting. You can rest assured that your beloved pets will be in good hands with Janet.

What can Pet Sitting and Dog Walking by Janet do for you? While you’re out of town, Janet will visit your cats once or twice a day and your dogs three times per day.
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Merry Christmas from Orlando Pet Services!

Merry Christmas from Orlando Pet Services

HI everyone, I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy New Year! For many this year has not been all that great, what with the economy in the tank and jobs short.

I have to say I’m lucky in that I have been doing good with my own websites this year. Each month I earn a bit more and learn new things to improve them. It’s a slow but steady process.

Anyways I hope everyone has a great holiday with family, friends and of course their special pets! I plan to add many new articles in here that are helpful and showcase local pet events, services and organizations.

So from Orlando Pet Services happy holidays and hope everyone’s new year is better and successful. Give your pet an extra treat for the holidays and think of adopting a homeless pet for the new year. 🙂

Orlando area pet services, pet food and products

Orlando pet services

If your reading this, chances are your trying to figure out just what Orlando pet services is all about. Well this site is still pretty new so it may not have a whole lot to read yet. But there will be soon, and all about pets.

Orlando area pet services, like local veterinarians, Orlando pet sitting services, Orlando dog parks, Orlando pet grooming, Orlando pet shops and pet food stores. You will see many pages of all kinds of Orlando area pet services here.

But also there will be many articles helpful to anyone who has a pet. Like the top ten cat litter brands. How to get rid of fleas on your dog and cat. Guides to new pet toys and pet products.
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