Dog bad breath mouth drops from Pet Wellbeing

Bad breath in dogs drops from Pet Wellbeing
Check out dog bad breath drops from Pet Wellbeing today!

Most people like to get close to their dogs, giving them kisses and hugs. But if your dog happens to have bad breath that can be a real problem. Dog bad breath can be mild to really bad.

However you can treat bad breath in dogs so that they don’t have an odor. In fact if your dog does have bad breath it’s often a sign of something wrong that should be fixed.

So just what does cause dog bad breath? Often it’s a case of plaque build-up on their teeth. Other causes are periodontal disease, tooth decay, bacterial infections and other mouth problems.
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Cat herbal cancer support treatment kit from Pet Wellbeing

Herbal cat cancer treatment kit from Pet Wellbeing
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If you’re a cat owner, you probably know that felines can develop several different types of cancer and malignant tumors. Some feline cancers respond well to treatment, while others don’t.

Cats that have cancer or cancerous tumors can experience significant pain from their disease. In fact, some owners find that euthanasia is the kindest option in extreme cases. Before you make such a difficult decision, try using Pet Wellbeing’s Cancer Support Kit treatment for Cats first.

When an animal has a serious illness like cancer, it needs a powerful immune system to help fight the disease. As mentioned, cancer can also cause pain, along with a general feeling of being unwell.
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Holistic dog congestive heart failure disease treatment

Hearty Heart herbal treatment for dog heart disease
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It’s been a while since I made a post about any pet treatments, so today I wanted to tell you about an all natural, herbal treatment for dog heart disease. It’s called Hearty heart, and it’s from Pet Wellbeing, my favorite place for herbal pet treatments.

Now many dogs suffer from mild forms of heart diseases, even when their owners do not know it. With so much in-breeding and breeding dogs to be a certain way, heart disease is a common by-product.

There are many forms of dog heart disease, from mild types that the dogs live with all their lives, to sudden attacks that can kill or cripple them in a short period of time.
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Adrenal Harmony Gold for Dog Cushings Disease from Pet Wellbeing

Get Adrenal Harmony Gold for dog cushings disease now!
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Ever heard of Canine, or dog Cushing’s Disease? Cushing’s disease affects the dog’s adrenal glands, causing them to secrete too much cortisol. When your pet’s body can’t properly regulate cortisol levels, the results can be pretty devastating.

This might cause rapid weight gain, hair loss, increased blood pressure, and increased thirst. Your dog might start urinating frequently and perhaps have trouble “holding it” until it goes outside.

Also, high levels of cortisol in the blood can weaken your dog’s immune system, leaving it much more susceptible to a variety of illnesses. Long term, high cortisol can lead to cardiac problems and blood glucose problems.
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Herbal, Holistic Milk Thistle for Dog Liver Disease treatment from Pet Wellbeing

Herbal milk thistle for dog liver disease remedy from Pet Wellbeing
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It’s time once again to showcase another great herbal, holistic remedy from Pet Wellbeing. This one is milk thistle for dog liver remedy. It’s an all natural, herbal treatment that works great.

To understand liver disease in dogs, it’s important to understand a little about the function of the liver first. The liver has numerous functions, but one of its most important is to filter the blood.

Essentially, the liver removes toxins from the body. The organ is necessary for survival. Of course, liver function is extremely important in humans, but it’s just as important – perhaps even more so – in canines.
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Mouth Drops for Cat Bad Breath at Pet Wellbeing

Cat bad breath drops at Pet Wellbeing
Click here for these great cat bad breath drops today!

You’ve undoubtedly heard of “doggie breath,” but what about “kitty breath”? It’s pretty disgusting. In fact, it’s often even worse than bad breath in canines.

Even cats with healthy gums and teeth can have bad breath. This might be caused by food particles that are stuck between the teeth or in the gums. As the trapped food begins to decay, the cat develops a foul-smelling breath.

Feline bad breath is more often a sign of problems with the teeth and/or gums. The problems include gingivitis, the buildup of plaque, or even infections. Brushing a cat’s teeth is no easy walk in the park, but now there’s an easier solution: N.H.V. Mouth Drops by Pet Wellbeing.
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Mellit for Dog Diabetes treatment from Pet Wellbeing

Mellit for dog diabetes treatment from Pet Wellbeing
Check out Mellit for dog diabetes treatment today!

Did you know that dogs can have diabetes? Just like humans, dogs can develop diabetes mellitus, and the effects are just as devastating for our furry friends as they are for humans.

So I wanted to let you know about Mellit for Dog Diabetes treatment from Pet Wellbeing. They are well known for their all natural pet remedies and treatments.

Untreated dog diabetes can lead to liver disease, heart disease, kidney disease, blindness, and cataracts. Diabetes also weakens the immune system and the circulatory system, so affected dogs will experience a higher likelihood of infections, and they’ll heal more slowly in case of an injury.
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Target Spray Flea Control treatment for cats from pet wellbeing

Target cat flea spray treantment from Pet Wellbeing
Check out all natural Target cat flea spray treatment now!

Today I wanted to let you cat lovers know about a great all natural flea spray called Target from Pet Wellbeing. It works great yet does not contain all those toxic chemicals other cat flea treatments have.

If you’re a cat owner, you know that cats are prone to having fleas. No matter how clean your cat is or how careful you are, fleas are bound to find your kitty sooner or later, and when they do, they can be devilishly difficult to get rid of.

Fleas aren’t just annoying – they can be downright dangerous. They carry diseases and tapeworm eggs. When your cat bites at and swallows a flea, it ingests the tapeworm eggs at the same time, inviting the internal parasites to set up housekeeping inside your feline.

Maybe you’ve tried typical flea treatments that contain insecticides. These often work well, but there are inherent dangers in using such products, for both you and your feline. Insecticides can cause liver damage in cats, and do you really want these chemicals around your family?

There’s a safe alternative called Target cat flea spray from Pet Wellbeing. Target is a spray that’s made from all natural ingredients. It controls fleas and stops them from nesting in your pet’s fur.

By using it regularly it keeps fleas away from your cat. Since it’s all natural you don’t have to worry about overdoing it or worrying about a buildup of chemicals on your pet.

As an added bonus, it also helps relieve the itching that can be caused by flea infestation. If your cat has lost fur due to fleas, Target helps the fur regrow.

How quickly will Target work? Much of that depends on the individual animal. It needs to be absorbed into the animal’s system. Some cat owners see results in just a couple of days, but it could take longer. No negative side effects have been reported with the use of Target, unlike conventional insecticide products.

Target cat flea spray is offered by PetWellbeing, a company comprised of veterinarians who work together to create natural remedies for pets. You can see all the ingredients it has, reviews and more at the site. Check it out today!

Target cat flea spray treantment from Pet Wellbeing
Check out all natural Target cat flea spray treatment now!

Urinary Gold for Dog Kidney Disease treatment

Urinary Gold for dog kidney disease treatment
Find out more about Urinary Gold for dog kidney disease here!

Dog Kidney disease affects 9 out of every 1,000 dogs. This condition affects dogs of all ages, especially those who are reaching their senior years. Traumas, inflammation, cancer, parasites and bacterial infections are just some of the factors that may trigger kidney disease. Although this condition can not be cured, you can use a variety of products to alleviate symptoms.

Urinary Gold for dog kidney disease treatment by Pet Wellbeing is a natural health supplement based on a unique combination of herbal extracts. This innovative product has many benefits for dogs with renal disease, as it protects the body against kidney infections and support normal urinary flow.

Unlike other supplements, Urinary Gold for dog kidney disease treatment has no side effects because it is based on all natural ingredients. This health supplement is specifically designed for dogs with kidney disease and contains powerful herbal extracts and plants such as stone root, parsley, marshmallow and Oregon grape.
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Pet Wellbeing, all natural and holistic pet supplements and supplies is the trusted source for your dog's natural health care.

Founded in 2005, is a well established company that specializes in natural pet supplies and holistic pet supplements. This Web-based store features over 120 products, from skin care products and pet vitamins to joint pain holistic supplements, dog cancer products and holistic products for cats.

All of the products available at are 100% natural and contain superior quality ingredients. Customers can order holistic pet supplements for allergies, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, kennel cough, ear infections and pink eye. Flea control products, collars and pet foods are available too.

Unlike other manufacturers, does not offer dog or cat food produced in a pet food plant. The foods offered for sale are based on human grade ingredients and contain no chemical preservatives, added salt or sugar, artificial colors or other harmful substances.
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