Fleet Peeples dog park picture gallery

Fleet Peeples Dog park

Well everyone I’m back from my vacation to Vermont! 🙂

It was fun and I had a good time with great weather. Mostly I go up there to do whatever I can for my mom, so it’s more like a working vacation. But it was nice to see everyone and now it’s time for me to get back to work.

But hey, why not ease into the work routine again, right? So today I thought I’d show you all a picture gallery I made of Fleet Peeple’s dog park in Winter Park.

Most people have no idea just how big and nice this place is. At one time they were going to charge people with dogs, but that went over like a lead balloon. So as of now it’s free for anyone to go to the park with their dogs.
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Winter Park Doggie art festival 2012 picture gallery!

Winter Park doggie art festival pictures 2012!This image is from artthatpops.com, cool 3D pet picture art!

Yesterday I went to this years Winter Park doggie art festival 2012. There seemed to be a bit less people there this year than last year. The booths were placed differently also than last year.

Last year the doggie vendor booths were placed on each side of Park Ave. and you walked down the center of the road so that the booths were on each side of you.

This year they placed all the booths on the west side of Park Ave. and made it longer down the road. I assume that was so that the people sitting in the outside tables along all those shops on the east side of the street did not have a view of the back of a booth!
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Winter Park Halloween pet costume contest picture gallery

Winter Park pet Halloween costume contest

Halloween may be gone, but I’m still downloading and editing pictures and videos of all the cute pet Halloween costume contest! I finally got around to making this cool picture gallery of the Winter Park pet Halloween costume contest.

I don’t have many, sorry about that. My friend Ashley entered the contest this year with her tiny toy doggy dressed as little red riding hood! She did not win but it was fun anyways.

There were some fantastic dog costumes there, very unique and I’m sure a lot of pet owners put a lot of effort into them. It was nice to see many dressed up the same as their pets! 🙂
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Woof Gang Bakery pet Halloween costume contest picture gallery

Pet Halloween costume contest at Woff Gang Bakery

Man oh man have I been busy with all the pet Halloween parties and other holiday events! About a week ago the good folks at Woof Gang Bakery on Orange Ave. in Winter Park had a nice pet Halloween costume contest party!

So I went to get some pictures of the whole thing and get to know some new people. My good friends Ashley and Tami also went and entered their 3 doggies in the contest.

They have two large dogs and one little one. So they decided to dress up the little one as lil’ Red Riding Hood, one of the big dogs as the basket she always carries and the other one as the big bad woof.
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Wiggle Waggle walk 2011 pet walk pictures gallery

Wiggle Waggle walk 2011at Cranes Roost park picture gallery!

Well yesterday was the 2011 Wiggle Waggle walk at Cranes Roost park in uptown Altamonte. I got there around 11 I think, just in time to catch the pet Halloween costume contest.

There were some fantastic pet costumes and lots of dogs in the contest. I always have a dilemma when I go to an event. See, I take both pictures and videos. So, I’m always stuck with choosing which one I should use.

I was a bit farther away than I wanted to be, up on the top stairs right there where they had the contest. So I choose to use my video camera most of the time as it has a great 70X zoom on it.
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