SeaWorld holiday shows and events for 2012

SeaWorld holiday events

Since SeaWorld has lots of marine animals and fish, I thought it would be fitting to mention what is going on over there on the Christmas holiday season.

Christmas is a busy time for Sea World Orlando, and there are loads of new attractions for you to spend hours visiting. Below is a brief summary of the many shows and events going on for Christmas 2012.
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Breeding leafy sea dragons at SeaWorld

Breeding leafy sea dragons at SeaWorld

I decided to check out the latest news with SeaWorld today. Seems like they are having a bit of success breeding a rare type of Seahorse called the leafy sea dragon.

What’s interesting is that the hatchlings, about 40 of them now, are floating in the big aquarium right in the Manta roller coaster ride. SeaWorld is only the sixth aquarium in the world to successfully breed leafy sea dragons.

These funny looking creatures look like twigs and leaves, great for camouflage in the ocean. They are found only off the southern and eastern coasts of Australia.
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New SeaWorld Orlando Hospital for wild dolphins

SeaWorld Orlando new dolphin hospital

I don’t often, if ever talk about any of the local theme parks here. I do that enough in my tourist site. But I wanted to tell you all about the new dolphin hospital being built by SeaWorld.

SeaWorld, located in Orlando, Florida, is using its resources to help dolphins and other cetaceans that wind up being stranded on the states beaches. The sea mammals are often injured or ill.

Because of the fear of spreading illnesses to other animals at the facility, SeaWorld discontinued the practice of taking in the stranded animals two decades ago, and that fear is not unfounded.
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