Tetra freshwater tropical fish, tetra tropical fish care

Tetra freshwater tropical fish

Tetra freshwater tropical fish are the some of the most popular and common types of freshwater tropical fish. They belong to the family Characidae in the order Characiformes and come in many colors and shapes, from the Congo tetra to the Neon Tetra Fish.

These species are easy to care for in captivity and they can add color and personality to your aquarium. In general, most aquarists opt for Black Neon Tetra, Pristella Tetra, Rainbow Tetra, Black Phantom Tetra, and Blue Diamond Tetra.

These fish grow no larger than two inches, so they are suitable for all types of aquariums. It is recommended to keep ten or more fish of the same tetra species in the fish tank, as they are a schooling fish. If kept alone they will become stressed and spend the majority of their time hiding.
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