Tropical fish store, aquariums in Orlando, Aquarium Fanatics

It’s time to showcase another great tropical fish and aquarium store in Orlando! This time it’s Aquarium Fanatics, right on hwy. 50 in Orlando, Florida.

If you’re serious about aquariums and the creatures that inhabit them, you simply have to check out this place! Make the drive to 5600 West Colonial Drive, Suite 309, in Orlando, and prepare to be mesmerized.

This place has all kinds of beautiful saltwater fish, brilliant corals, shrimp, anemones, clams, crabs, snails, and starfish. They also have a nice selection of protein skimmers, sumps, pumps, additives, and filters. They can service your tank, or they can custom-design an aquarium just for you.

Browsing Aquarium Fanatics is like taking a dive to a living coral reef. You’ll see angelfish, clownfish, yellow tangs, blue tangs, purple tangs, and lots more. The most fascinating items in the store are the corals.

You’ll see coals, including rare signature corals, like you’ve never seen before. Most are in vivid colors and color combinations like hot pink, neon green, bright orange, purple, and turquoise blue. Just imagine having these in your living room!

If you’re thinking about adding an aquarium to your home or business, let the Aquarium Fanatics design and install one for you. They do all their own mill work and wood work, and they can use any stain you choose.

No matter what your décor, Aquarium Fanatics can create an amazing aquarium to match and blend in perfectly, whether you want a small tank or a huge tank.

They can come to your home or office for aquarium maintenance, too. A typical job includes cleaning all décor, a 20% water change, removing algae, vacuuming the gravel, adjusting the ph, changing or cleaning the filters, checking the lights, and cleaning the top, outside glass, and stand.

So if your looking for a great tropical fish and aquarium store in Orlando, check out their site below and see what they have to offer you!

Aquarium Fanatics
5600 W. Colonial Drive Orlando, Florida 32808
Aquarium Fanatics