Upcoming Orlando area pet events page now open!

Upcoming central Florida pet events

Alrighty everyone, I’ve been working my butt off trying to get my Orlando area pet events page done, and now it’s finally open! Check it out in the top menu bar above, or go here for the Orlando pet events page.

Now, because I just opened it, there are only October to December 2010 events on it. I will start putting 2011 pet events in it in a few weeks. It’s hard to find a full pet event page that covers all the upcoming pet events in the Orlando and central Florida area.

I’ve seen a few, but they only have events they are doing themselves, or just about a few sponsored pet events. I want to have every type of pet event in my new page here.

Now some are just too repetitive. Like all the Petco pet classes they hold almost every week somewhere it seems. Or listing weekly pet adoption locations that are always the same.

What I want to cover are all the pet events that happen once a year, once a month and maybe even twice a week events. All types of pet events will be listed too.

Pet fund raising, pet adoption fairs, pet contest of all kinds, special pet classes, pet wash, pet product events, Holiday pet themed events and so on, I’ll cover them all.

So if you have a pet event you want to get the word out about, use my “contact me” form and send me a message about your local pet event. It can be anywhere in the Central Florida area.

I will keep adding Orlando pet events to the page, so check back for new upcoming pet events. Again, feel free to let me know of your own pet event and get the word out!