Westmonte Animal Clinic in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Westmonte animal clinic

Located in Altamonte, Florida, Westmonte Animal Clinic offers medical, surgical, and dental care for pets. Each pet is treated as an individual and with concern, compassion, and respect.

The staff at the clinic is friendly, helpful, and professional. Once you get to know them, you won’t hate those necessary vet visits anymore!

The veterinarian and staff at Westmonte animal clinic are big on preventive care. They believe that catching problems in their initial stage is paramount to your pet’s chances of a long, happy, healthy life.

As such, they provide routine yearly exams to check for heartworms, internal parasites, dental problems, and skin problems. If diseases or other conditions are suspected, blood tests will be ordered. Vaccines are administered during the annual exam, too.

Should your pet have to have a surgical procedure for some reason, rest assured it will be in good hands here. Before any surgery, animals get blood work to determine possible complications.

Once the pet is given the go-ahead for the procedure, it will be constantly monitored while under anesthesia, by both the staff and electronics. Westmonte Animal Clinic makes sure that all patients receive adequate medications for pain management, too, so they won’t have to suffer needlessly.

The clinic is owned and operated by Dr. Sharon Sernik, who received her degree in veterinary medicine at Texas A & M in 1994. Sernik is a lifetime animal lover and treats her patients as if they were her own. She’s a firm believer in designing just the right health plan for every individual pet’s needs, depending on its lifestyle and other factors.

Westmonte Animal Clinic is a great veterinary clinic to take your pet. They truly care about your pet’s health and work with you to make sure your pet stays healthy. Check them out today for great veterinary service!

Westmonte Animal Clinic
230 S. Wymore Road
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
Phone: 407-862-6892
Westmonte Animal Clinic


  1. I recommend to everyone I know… The veterinarians and support staff at Westmonte Animal Clinic are outstanding! All are kind, committed and caring animal lovers, who understand the needs of both animals and their caregivers. From the ease of scheduling appointments to the follow up telephone calls, the care and attention you and your pets receive here is second to none. You aren’t just a number at this clinic. I work with a rescue group, and the care they give to the “indigent” animals is every bit as comprehensive and caring as it is to the luckier animals living in forever homes.