Wildlife from Scratch; artistic pet boxes, paintings and more

Wildlife paintings and other artistic pet items

Wildlife from Scratch is run by Jeanie Beline, an artist who specializes in an artistic process known as scratchboard. This method involves covering a layer of white clay with India ink, and then etching with an artist tool to create the image.

The results are beautiful, and they’re truly unique. The contrast between the black and white is vivid, and each creation has interesting texture, too.

Beline also works in pyrography, where images are burned into wood, along with working in pastels. Some of her creations include beautiful velvet-lined wooden boxes, ceramic art tiles, and magnets.

Customers will have a choice of over fifty designs, including horses, dogs, cats, whitetail deer, tarpon, owls, rabbits, foxes, raccoons, manatees, sea trout, redfish, snook, ferrets, chickens, birds, and flowers. All of these works of art are very reasonably priced and would make a lovely addition to any decor.

Something even more unique are the pet portrait boxes created by Jeanie. These are custom designed, using an image of your pet. These amazing creations begin with a handmade box made from salvaged woods like maple, cypress, cedar, oak, and other woods native to Florida.

The boxes themselves are works of art! After shaping the box, the artist then draws your pet’s image by hand, burns it into the wood, and uses paint to add color and highlights.

Wildlife paintings and other artistic pet items

These pet images are amazingly realistic, and somehow Jeanie is able to capture some of the pet’s individual personality. One of these boxes would be the perfect gift for any animal lover, and it’s a great way to immortalize your beloved pet forever.

Check out Jeanie Beline’s website below to see all her wonderful works of art and find out more. I hope to see you at the next pet event around Central Florida Jeanie! 🙂

Website: Wildlife From Scratch