Cats Play Cat Trees

If you’re looking for a cat tree or cat condo, make sure you get your furry friend the best. Cats Play specializes in cat trees, cat condos and cat scratching posts designed to provide your kitty with a comfy place to play, nap and exercise.

Cats Play’s line of products provide more than just fun for your cat. The rugged fabric is 42% thicker than any other brand, ensuring that it will stand up to your cat’s nails so he can scratch to his heart’s content while your furniture stays untouched.

All Cats Play products are made from quality materials that stand the test of time. Their new-product guarantee ensures that you get what you pay for. Should your new Cats Play cat tree, cat condo or scratching post arrive with any defects, the company will send you all necessary replacement parts at no cost.

Whether you live in a small apartment or large house, Cats Play has products to suit your space including small, medium and large cat condos and corner-style cat trees with built-in scratching posts. All come with free shipping too!

Click any one of these Cats Play products to learn more:

Small cat tree Coliseum with Tube

34 inch corner tower cat tree

The Cats Play cat trees you see here are their most popular ones. They name their cat trees after cities, states and popular places. The bases of Cats Play cat trees are wide and stable.

They glue the fabric on, not stapled. That keeps the fabric tighter to reduce pulling by cats. It’s also safer in case a sharp staple pulls out. The frame is strong 3/4 particle board.

Kitty hollow realistic cat trees

Cute mushroom cat tree with kitty tub

Open platform style cat trees

48 inch cradle sleeper cat tree

Triangle top kitty tree

Mushroom style kitty trees

Funky, fun looking cat tree

The beach house cat perch

Cats love tunnels and snug places to sleep in. Most Cats Play cat trees have several tunnels or boxes for your cat to hide and sleep in. Cats feel safer sleeping in a snug cat condo high off the ground.

Hammocks are also popular with cats, they love laying in the middle of suspended fabric. Cats Play cat trees have many models with cat hammocks and pouches to lay in.

Purple passion flower shaped cat tree

Sunflower shaped kitty tree

Bungalow sheepskin cat tree

Sling style kitty tree

The little bit, cat cradle cat tree

Double sisal sleeper kitty tree

Once you click on any cat tree above you’ll be taken right to that item in the Cats Play site. They are a trusted online store, with fast shipping and lowest cat tree prices. All cat trees come with free shipping!

They also have a great return policy and their checkout page is fast and friendly. Cats Play cat trees are the best ones you can buy, with replacement parts and thicker fabric than the rest.

With a quality cat tree from Cats Play and free shipping you can’t go wrong. Buy your kitty the best cat tree ever today!