Repticon shows in Orlando dates

Repticon reptile shows in Orlando dates

Are you a reptile enthusiast? If so, you won’t want to miss Repticon in Orlando. This year’s spectacular will be held at the Central Florida Fairgrounds, located at 4603 West Colonial Drive. The 2012 dates are January 21 and 22 (oops my bad), May 19 and 20, and December 15 and 16.

What can you expect to see at Repticon? There’ll be lots of folks there who breed amphibians and reptiles, along with business representatives who sell products.

If you have a pet reptile or amphibian, this is a chance for you to check out all the latest products and supplies. You’ll find way more than you would in a typical pet store, and seeing them in person is better than viewing them online or in a catalog, too.

Bring your pet with you to the event. There’ll be a veterinarian onsite who performs health checks for amphibians and reptiles for discounted fees. In fact, the fecal exam, an important health screening, will be done for just ten bucks.

You’ll also enjoy the great exhibits and educational seminars at Repticon. Some of this year’s will feature carpet pythons, snakes of the Southeast, and reptile discovery.

Be sure to check out Crocodilians of the World, where the presenter will have a live crocodile with him! Some of the critters you’ll see the event include boas, chameleons, geckoes, butterflies, and rodents.

This is a great way for families to spend a couple of hours or a whole day. There will be something for everyone, including the kids. They’ll love seeing all the critters, and they’ll be amazed at some of the programs and exhibits, especially the Fairytale Dragons show.

Best reptile foggers, Repti fogger and Ultrasonic fogger

Repti fogger for reptiles
Click here to learn more about the Repti Fogger for reptiles!

If you have a pet reptile, some of them need lots of moisture in their habitat. To give them that you want a reptile fogger. These make a mist in the air giving your reptile the moist air they need.

PetSmart offers a huge selection of products for every kind of animal imaginable. You can even find reptile foggers. A reptile fogger is an excellent addition to your reptile or amphibian habitat whether you have frogs, turtles, or even snakes!

PetSmart offers two different foggers: the Zoo Med Repti Fogger Terrarium Humidifier and the Ultrasonic Fogger. Either would be greatly appreciated by your pet! They also happen to be very popular names.
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Outdoor Enclosures for Box Turtles

Outdoor enclosures for box turtles

Box turtles are very common in the United States, especially in the East. The turtles are relatively small, reaching a maximum length of eight inches. These turtles grow very slowly, usually taking as long as eight or ten years to reach sexual maturity, at which time they might be seven inches in length. Box turtles are long-lived, too, and are capable of achieving fifty years. Twenty-five years is more common, however.

Box turtles make good pets, but they do require special care in order to remain healthy and happy. Although some owners choose a glass aquarium as their turtle’s home, this isn’t a good choice.

For one thing, it’s too small, and for another, the clear sides of the aquarium create problems themselves. Box turtles like privacy at times, and being “on display” 24/7 can make some individuals nervous. Another problem with glass is that a turtle might worry itself constantly with trying to claw through the clear enclosure.
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Getting a Pet Lizard, Leopard Geckos

Pet lizards, leopard geckos

Of all the pet reptiles on the planet, the leopard gecko is probably the most popular. There are several reasons for this. For one thing, these lizards don’t grow very large.

An adult will reach a size of only seven to ten inches. For another thing, they don’t need any special lighting, unlike most other lizard species. Another plus is that they’re inexpensive and readily available.

The leopard gecko is an attractive little lizard that’s native to the deserts of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. Leopard geckos in captivity usually have fairly bright-colored skin marked with dark, irregular spots.
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Pet lizards, how to care for bearded dragon lizards

Bearded Dragon lizards

If you’re thinking about getting a pet lizard, there are several points to consider when trying to choose the specific species that’s best for you. Some lizards grow very large and can be aggressive. Others can be expensive to feed and/or to house.

If you want an inexpensive pet lizard that’s easy to feed, easy to care for, and that doesn’t mind being handled, consider a bearded dragon. Don’t let the name fool you – bearded dragons are very friendly and gentle, and they’re fascinating to watch.

They’re also easy to feed. Being omnivores, they’ll readily consume a variety of plants and insects. Some of their favorite vegetable meals include chopped greens, carrots, beans, and peas. They love insects, too, especially mealworms and crickets. Your pet dragon will also need calcium and vitamin D3 supplements.
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The Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Sanford

Central Florida zoo

Central Florida zoo

Featuring over 400 animals, the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Sanford offers a variety of educational activities for the entire family. Founded in 1923, this 21-acre zoo is one of the most popular attractions in the area.

Visitors can encounter a number of rare and endangered species, as well as many exotic animals such as a banded Egyptian cobra, crocodiles, leopards and bald eagles.

The Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Sanford is home to various species of reptiles, insects, mammals, birds, amphibians and snakes. Popular exhibits include the green-winged macaw, cheetahs, black-footed cats, Asian elephants, pumas, lemurs, alligators, rattlesnakes, Egyptian cobras, salamanders and Brazilian black tarantulas.
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Reptile World Serpentarium in Saint Cloud

Serpentarium in Saint Cloud

Founded in 1972, Reptile World Serpentarium is the most popular snake and reptile exhibits in Orlando, Florida. Egyptian cobras, mambas and poisonous snakes are among the most beautiful creatures you will find living here.

In addition to the 50 species of snakes from around the world, this unique facility provides venom for medical research. Visitors can even watch expert George Van Horn collecting venom from deadly snakes twice a day.

If you are passionate about snakes and reptiles, this is the place to be. Seeing all these dangerous creatures in one place might be the most exciting and memorable experience you will ever have.
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Repticon, reptile convention event in Orlando Jan 15th-16th

Repticon reptile event in Orlando

Repticon is the ultimate exhibit for anyone interested in reptiles and amphibians. The display includes reptile and amphibian breeders, pet products, pet supplies, teaching seminars, and great activities for all ages. And with your VIP tickets, you’ll be entered into the raffles for some amazing prizes.

At the Repticon exhibit, kids will have the chance to meet some special critters and touch them. If you’re brave enough, you can enter the Fear Factor Challenge, too. If you have a pet reptile, bring it to the show for an on-the-spot fecal exam from a licensed veterinarian.

The popular Field Herping will be here this year, also, so if you’re interested in finding and identifying your own amphibians and reptiles, you won’t want to miss this! You’ll see all kinds of “creepy crawlies” and other exotic animals at the fascinating Repticon.
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Upcoming Orlando area pet events page now open!

Upcoming central Florida pet events

Alrighty everyone, I’ve been working my butt off trying to get my Orlando area pet events page done, and now it’s finally open! Check it out in the top menu bar above, or go here for the Orlando pet events page.

Now, because I just opened it, there are only October to December 2010 events on it. I will start putting 2011 pet events in it in a few weeks. It’s hard to find a full pet event page that covers all the upcoming pet events in the Orlando and central Florida area.

I’ve seen a few, but they only have events they are doing themselves, or just about a few sponsored pet events. I want to have every type of pet event in my new page here.
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Upcoming pet events in Orlando, pet events in the Orlando area

upcoming pet events in Orlando

If your a pet owner or pet lover in the Orlando area, chances are you want to know about upcoming pet events here in Orlando. You can go to several different sites and see what pet event they are having.

But you can’t seem to find one site that has a list of all the different kinds of pet events that are coming up soon, or even months away. So I thought I’d make a page in my site here for that!

There actually are a lot of pet events in Orlando, lots of them. From dog washes, pet walks, fund raising pet events, pet food fairs, pet shows and lots more, you can find a pet event going on in Orlando most every week.
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