Feline Arthritis Treatment, Natural Cat Arthritis Remedy

Cat arthritis remedy
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Arthritic dogs and cats experience terrible pain that may affect their quality of life and reduce their playfulness. This chronic disease is extremely common. It is estimated that over 30 percent of cats over eight years old suffer from feline arthritis.

Overweight and obese cats face a higher risk of developing this condition. Their symptoms are often silent, so you might never know that your furry friend is in pain.

Feline arthritis causes stiff joints, chronic pain, and difficulty climbing the stairs, lack of appetite, depression, reduced mobility, matted and scruffy coat, difficulty using the litter tray, and limping. Most cats suffering from this disease become irritable and begin to avoid contact with humans.
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Dog arthritis; care, medication and treatment of arthritis in dogs

dog arthritis, treating arthritis in dogs

What is dog arthritis? Is it common to have arthritis in dogs? Can you treat dog arthritis? Those are common questions about arthritis in dogs. I’ll try to answer a few of them here.

Most large dogs develop arthritis when they get old, so it very important to detect this degenerative joint disease in order to alleviate its symptoms. First of all, you should know that dog arthritis affects one out of five dogs.

This condition usually results from inflammation in the joints, causing stiffness, limping, and difficulty sitting or standing. The good news is that there are many things that you can do in order to help your furry friend feel comfortable.
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