Feline Urinary tract infection treatment

Feline urinary infection treatment
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Does your cat get urinary tract infections? Some of the symptoms of urinary tract infections in felines are soiling in inappropriate places, being visibly in pain during urination or prolonged urination, frequent urination, inability to hold urine or dribbling, excessive licking of the urinary opening, bloody, cloudy or malodorous urine, increased thirst, or vomiting and lethargy.

What are urinary tract infections and how can they be treated?

Urinary tract infections can be caused by many factors. The disease itself is caused by the presence of crystals in the bladder which cause irritation and blockage.
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All natural herbal cat kidney disease remedy treatment

All natural cat kidney disease remedy treatment
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What Is Feline Kidney Disease?

Cat kidney disease is a common health problem in older cats. This condition is difficult to diagnose because there are not many outward signs. Age, injury, or disease can damage kidney tissue and lead to kidney failure.

In order to detect this condition in early stages, ask yourself a few questions. Is your cat drinking more water than usual? Is she sad or depressed? Did she suddenly quit eating?

All of these are signs of a possible kidney problem. Other common symptoms of feline renal disease include presence of blood in the urine, vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite.
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