Local Rescue Strives To Leave No Dog Behind

Hound Haven rescue group

Established in 2000, Houndhaven rescues dogs and puppies from euthanasia at kill shelters and other life threatening circumstances. They spend whatever is necessary to return them to good health and care for them until they can be placed in loving homes or with another rescue group.

They believe that these lives are precious, and Houndhaven is strictly a no kill organization. Their mission is life. Houndhaven sees its mission as including the provision of any and all medical care necessary to fully rehabilitate a dog before it is adopted.

Further, once the dog is adopted, families agree that if they become unable to care for the dog, due to medical expense or otherwise, the dog will be returned to Houndhaven in lieu of euthanasia or being sent to another shelter. Houndhaven is fully dedicated to ensuring all of its dogs find forever homes that are equally committed to that dog’s health and emotional wellbeing.
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South Lake Animal League no-kill animal rescue

South Lake Animal League pet rescue

The South Lake Animal League rescue group is located in Groveland, Florida and serves all of Central Florida. It’s a no-kill, non-profit organization that’s been in operation since 1988.

South Lake Animal League was started by a small group of animal lovers who were greatly concerned about the number of neglected, homeless, and abused pets in the area. Since its inception, the League has found forever homes for more than 4,500 animals.

When the League takes in a pet, the animal receives excellent care and a safe home, including veterinary care. Each animal is also spayed or neutered and micro-chipped.
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Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida

Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida

Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida, Inc is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to rescuing abused and unwanted Siberian Huskies. The volunteers who work here are always searching for foster homes to help save more pets. The organization provides microchip installation and registration, as well as medical care.

The company’s mission is to help Siberian Huskies from euthanization and help them find a loving family. All of the dogs at Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida, Inc are located in foster homes.

Pet lovers are encouraged to volunteer, adopt or foster these pets. They can provide temporary fostering, short term fostering, surgical fostering, behavioral or continual fostering.
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Florida Little Dog Rescue in St. Cloud

Florida little dog rescue

Florida Little Dog Rescue of Central Florida has the mission to save abandoned pets from death row. This organization rehabilitates unwanted little dogs, places them in foster homes and offers them for adoption. Each dog is examined by a vet and spayed/ neutered before being adopted.

Bringing home a new dog is exciting and fun. However, you need to ask yourself a few questions before you decide to adopt a pet. Too many little dogs are abandoned by their owners who say that the pet “was too much work”.

It is important that you find out which dog is right for you, what medical care will he need and how to train him. Learn about the most common behavioral problems in little dogs and search for information about the breed you are interested in.
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Pug Rescue of Florida, central Florida pug dog rescue organization

Pug rescue of Florida

Once again it’s time for me to showcase a pet rescue organization here in central Florida. Why? Because that’s the kind of guy I am! 😀 Today’s featured organization is Pug Rescue of Florida!

Pug Rescue of Florida (PROOF) has the mission to find loving permanent homes for dogs of the Pug breed. This non-profit organization has rescued 315 homeless pugs and incurred more than $100,000 in medical expenses in 2010.

If you are planning to adopt a pet, then you should visit the organization’s website and check the available pugs. At Pug Rescue of Florida, pet lovers can find pugs of all ages, colors and sizes.
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