Getting a Pet Lizard, Leopard Geckos

Pet lizards, leopard geckos

Of all the pet reptiles on the planet, the leopard gecko is probably the most popular. There are several reasons for this. For one thing, these lizards don’t grow very large.

An adult will reach a size of only seven to ten inches. For another thing, they don’t need any special lighting, unlike most other lizard species. Another plus is that they’re inexpensive and readily available.

The leopard gecko is an attractive little lizard that’s native to the deserts of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. Leopard geckos in captivity usually have fairly bright-colored skin marked with dark, irregular spots.
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Pet lizards, how to care for bearded dragon lizards

Bearded Dragon lizards

If you’re thinking about getting a pet lizard, there are several points to consider when trying to choose the specific species that’s best for you. Some lizards grow very large and can be aggressive. Others can be expensive to feed and/or to house.

If you want an inexpensive pet lizard that’s easy to feed, easy to care for, and that doesn’t mind being handled, consider a bearded dragon. Don’t let the name fool you – bearded dragons are very friendly and gentle, and they’re fascinating to watch.

They’re also easy to feed. Being omnivores, they’ll readily consume a variety of plants and insects. Some of their favorite vegetable meals include chopped greens, carrots, beans, and peas. They love insects, too, especially mealworms and crickets. Your pet dragon will also need calcium and vitamin D3 supplements.
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Buying a lizard for a pet

Buying a lizard as a pet

So you’ve decided that you want to buy a lizard for a pet, great. But what kind of lizard? How big do you want it to be? What do they eat? What will it live in? Before getting a lizard for a pet there are many questions to answer first.

Lizards come in all shapes and sizes. That little cute 6 inch iguanas can grow to 5 ft long. So make sure you know what size lizard you want. Many want one they can pickup in their hand or place on their shoulder.

But some go for the bigger ones that can walk around the house. Make sure you know how big your lizard will get and get the right type for the size you want. Next comes the equipment.
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