Tropical fish store in Orlando review, Fishy Business Aquarium

Tropical fish stores in Orlando

Fishy Business Aquarium is one of the most highly rated tropical freshwater and saltwater fish stores in the Orlando area. With over 30 years of experience, the company offers everything you could ever need for your saltwater and freshwater fish aquarium.

Here you will find the largest varieties of freshwater community fish, from Discus, Exotic Goldfish, and Cichlids. They sell tanks and dry goods there as well, like aquarium cabinetry.

The line of products you can find at this tropical fish store consists of “bio secure” koi and pond supplies, reef safe fish, big saltwater fish, coral, live rock, aquatic plants, fish food, protein skimmers, pond filters, salted reverse osmosis water, tank backgrounds, aquariums, artificial plants, and many other products.

The best is that if you have no idea where to start from, the staff from Fishy Business Aquarium is more than happy to provide tips and advice. They are knowledgeable about what they are selling, so you can always rely on them.

At Fishy Business Aquarium tropical fish shop in the Orlando area, the variety and quality of the tropical fish is impressive. More than that, the store delivers superior quality equipment and supplies, being well stocked with a broad selection of filtration systems, rocks, aquarium decorations, and siphon kits.

The tanks are clean and the fish are healthy, which is great for anyone who wants to get only the best products. In addition, the prices are more than reasonable. This specialty tropical fish store is the place to go in Florida if you’re searching for freshwater and saltwater tropical fish.

They also carry many specialty foods that you won’t find anywhere else. As you can imagine, this place is valuable for fish keepers who need to buy exotic species of fish and quality dry goods. The company even provides additional services like free water analysis, on-site oxygen services, and custom fish aquariums and installations.

Their prices are excellent, both on tropical fish and aquarium supplies. Their stock also changes a lot from time to time, so there’s always something to see.
Whether you need plants for your aquatic environment, invertebrates, fish food, or corals, Fishy Business Aquarium is an excellent option.

This company addresses not only to those who are setting up their first saltwater aquarium, but to advanced aquarists. The supplies are hand selected, so you’ll find only the highest quality products. Even if you don’t live in Florida, you can still contact the knowledgeable staff and ask for information about their services.

Fishy Business Aquarium is truly an amazing store to visit, so take your time and order the best supplies for your aquarium. If your looking for a great tropical fish store in Orlando or the central Florida area, check out Fishy Business Aquarium!

Fishy Business Aquarium
140 S. Ronald Reagan Blvd.
Longwood, FL 32750
(407) 331-4882
Fishy Business Aquarium